A distinguished group of Foothill alumni from across the country participated in a daylong photo-shoot on the Baseline Campus last month. It was part of a planned promotional campaign featuring the school’s “flourishing” graduates. Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Alina Rietze, a 2002 graduate, commented about the excitement that filled the air when these college students reunited. “What an enjoyable experience to watch these schoolmates come together. They shared joyful memories about their years at Foothill, as well as everything they are doing to prepare for exciting careers.”

Although each of these young men and women has their own unique story and career path, they proudly agree, “We Got Our Start at Foothill Christian School.”

Lindsay Bauer - FCS Class of 2007
A graduate of St. Lucy’s High School is a freshman at UCLA majoring in biochemistry. She hopes to one day become a pharmacist.

While at Foothill, Lindsay was involved with piano festivals and volleyball (captain). Some of her current hobbies include playing the piano and dancing. “I made lifelong friends at Foothill, many of whom currently attend UCLA,” she remarked.

Laura Brokaw - FCS Class of 2006
After attending Glendora High School, Laura began her studies at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee. A sophomore, she is majoring in Economics and Human Organizational Development with a focus on international leadership and development. Laura would like to one day work abroad in the for-profit or non-profit sector of human resources or development. Laura was valedictorian at both Foothill and Glendora High School!

Her favorite memory while at Foothill was the Washington DC trip and the Mexico mission trip. She was involved with Junior Beta, and firmly believes that her “good teachers at FCS helped me pursue a successful course of study.”

Daniel Carr-Crawford - FCS Class of 2006
Attended Damien High School, La Verne, and is now a sophomore at USC. Daniel is majoring in journalism with a minor in sports media studies. He hopes to pursue a career in either journalism or law.

While at Foothill, Daniel was involved with the honor club, Junior Beta, as well as band. Daniel believes that Foothill helped him develop strong writing skills, which he says, “put me at an advantage over my peers in high school.”

Katelyn Montalvo - FCS Class of 2006
Katelyn attended Western Christian High School, Upland. A sophomore at APU, she is majoring in English and hopes to make a career of teaching high school English. Her best memories come from those experiences where she spent time with good friends she made at Foothill. Not only does she credit FCS for having provided “great stepping stones for attending APU,” but for having outstanding teachers who also received their degrees at APU.

Daniel Martinez - FCS Class of 2007
Daniel’s FCS educational journey began in kindergarten and culminated with eighth grade graduation. From there he attended Damien High School. He is a freshman at Columbia University, New York, majoring in biomedical engineering. He plans to make a career in medical research, combining the biomedical field with technology. He loves being in New York City!

Daniel’s favorite memory while at Foothill was the Mexico Missions trip, which helped prepare him for high school and beyond.

David Martinez - FCS Class of 2005
David attended Damien High School and is now a junior at YALE University in Connecticut with a double major in Political Science and Economics. David hopes to pursue a career in business. He also tours with the “Whiffenpoofs” the oldest acapella group in the nation, which was featured on the TV show “SING OFF”.

He fondly recalls the Washington DC Trip, ACSI Piano Festivals, competing in Spelling Bees, and serving on the Student Council.

Kenny Saleh - FCS Class of 2007
Attended Damien High School, and is currently a freshman at UCLA majoring in Psychobiology (behavioral neuroscience). He plans to continue his studies in medical school at Columbia University, New York once he completes his undergraduate degree.

Kenny’s favorite memory at FCS was going on the Washington DC trip and visiting NY City. He believes that FCS prepared him for high school, and thus college, because it gave him a consistent study schedule. He is especially grateful for the rigorous math instruction he received that allowed to “think outside the box.”

Ashley Sia - FCS Class of 2006
Following graduation, her parents enrolled her at Maranatha High School, Pasadena. Currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, she is majoring in Business and Media Studies. Inspired by her favorite team, the Lakers, she hopes to one day be professionally involved in sports management.

Looking back on her years at FCS, Ashley savors the memory of going with her eighth grade class to Washington DC trip, as well as enjoying Alpine Camp during the sixth grade. She played basketball in junior high and contends that FCS helped her gain critical leadership skills and a solid understanding of advanced math, which prepared her well for high school and beyond.

Alec Trilles - FCS Class of 2006
Alec is also a graduate of Damien High School. While a sophomore at the Air Force Academy training to be part of the military police, Alex had an opportunity to meet former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. While at Foothill, Alec was involved in Junior Beta, Football, Hockey, Track, Spelling Bees and speech meets. His favorite memory was the Washington DC trip.
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