Foothill Christian School has sub-contracted the food services program with Regent Catering for over six years. Regent Catering cooks and prepares all of the breakfast and lunch meals on location in our beautifully equipped kitchen. The hot lunch program offers students a variety of choices for lunch and a la carte items every day. The lunch of the day may also be substituted with one of six different lunch options!

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Contact info for Regent Catering - (626) 914-1849 ext. 1223

Healthy Choices – Regent Catering makes every effort to provide the most nutritious and healthy lunches possible. Meals contain items from each of the food groups. In addition, students may choose from a variety of healthy food options that include: Salad Bar, Sub Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken Salad, Fruit, and more. Parents should encourage their students to make good selections.

How to Order – A menu will be published approximately one week prior to the beginning of the month. Families may pre-order their lunches in advance for the entire month at a discounted rate. Students may also order lunch and/or milk on a daily basis as needed. Students who order a lunch on a daily basis must do so in the morning before school begins. Please make all checks payable to: Regent Catering.

Nothing in the refrigerator? No problem… students can make same-day orders before school starts. Students in 5th – 8th grades may stop by the kitchen and place their order. Elementary students should bring their lunch fee in an envelope with a note and give it to the teacher at the beginning of class.

Changed your mind or student absent? No problem…just inform the kitchen (before 9:00 am) that your child will be absent or wants to choose a different lunch than previously ordered. Please Note: The kitchen staff will not allow a student to change a pre-ordered lunch. This must be handled by a parent to ensure children are eating according to the plan parents ordered for them.

Lucky Tray Day – These special days are noted on the lunch menu calendar. At every lunch period some trays are marked with a sticker. Students who get that “lucky tray” will win a prize or special treat. Prizes may include free lunches, snacks, toys and other fun items.
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