News: FCS Blue volleyball team finished 2nd in league with overall record of 8-4.



Season: September – November

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Accomplishments: FCS has two volleyball teams. Both are very competitive in league play finishing first or second most every year! Many athlete’s go on to play at high school and have earned special team and individual recognition at that level.

2009 - 1st Place Club West Christian Middle School Tournament

2007 - 2nd Place South Hills Open Tournament
2005 - League Sportsmanship Trophy Blue and Gold Division
2004 - League Champions Blue & Gold Division

Time Commitment: About 1 ˝ hours a day three to four days per week for about ten weeks. For some away games, athletes may miss about 15 to 45 minutes of school. In these cases they may miss all of 8th period and even some of 7th period.

Location for Practices and Home Games: FCS Gymnasium Complex


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