The Annual Fund is an opportunity for the family of Foothill Christian School to advance the school toward higher standards and program improvements without raising tuition.

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Annual Fund Dinner

November 5, 2011 at 6:30pm in the Gymnasium

How remarkable it is when people flourish! The very notion of flourishing is beautifully articulated in ancient Scripture. Psalms 1 states the “righteous are like trees planted by streams of water that bears fruit in its season.” This is a promise to us from God that everything we do will prosper...indeed, it will flourish. When we observe children, we see the evidence of God’s fingerprints in each uniquely gifted boy and girl. For these children to flourish, we parents and educators alike must do all we can to help each one aspire to their God-given potential. For some, we see a special gifting for music or the arts. For others, there may be evidence of a vibrant talent in athletics, creative writing, mathematics or science. Whatever gift God has gracefully seeded to these students must be cultivated and nurtured so that they may one day flourish in their careers, their hobbies, and their life pursuits. At Foothill Christian School, we passionately believe that there is a God-given genius in every child. Because it is so, we will, with God’s help, provide a comprehensive, well-rounded program that compliments those gifts so that each child may flourish, like trees planted by streams of water.

Facts about the Annual Fund

• Tuition covers 100 percent of the actual cost per student, but it does not cover any school improvement projects that are needed to enhance our program for the kids.
• The projects supported through the Annual Fund aren’t truly optional. They are necessary to maintain the quality we expect for our children, but rather than charge higher tuition we choose to accomplish these goals through tax deductible donations.
• Rather than orchestrate many small fundraisers, the Annual Fund allows families to make a once-a-year...or one-time tax deductible gift... or a monthly pledge to help make the Annual Fund projects possible.
• A number of our families will increase their giving potential through company match programs that will meet a percentage of the gift and match it entirely.
• The Annual Fund provides much needed funding for academics, athletics, campus improvements and promoting Christian values.

Completed Projects 2008 - 2011:

• Parking Lot Expansion
• Artificial grass in the Kdg. – 3rd grade playground
• Smart Boards for the 3rd - 8th grade classrooms
• Gym Wall Mats, Basketball Goals
• Fine Arts Performance Microphones

This year’s Annual Fund goal includes improvements to our fine arts program. Fundraising goal for technology: $150,000.

• The ability to offer enrichment courses at no additional cost.
• New video projector for the gymnasium.
• New video screen for the gymnasium
• Audio enhancements for existing Smart Boards

 Giving Levels
Friends Gifts up to $499
Eagles $500 to $999
Silver $1,000 to $2,499
Gold $2,500 to $4,999
Platinum $5,000 or more
Note: All contributors will be recognized on an attractive wall display in the gym lobby.

Projects Funded Through Previous Campaigns

• Gym wall mats, basketball goals and bleachers
• Stage curtain and fine arts performance microphones
• Athletic Equipment and Uniforms
• Smart Boards in every 5th – 8th grade classroom
• Playground “Big Blue Toy” and canopies
• Lunch tables, classroom and library furniture
• Dictionaries, TV’s and DVD players for every classroom

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