It began 47 years ago. A handful of men acting on their commitment to start a Christian school mortgaged their homes and birthed a ministry. That first year in 1964, a tiny little school opened with 64 students in Kindergarten – 6th grades on Grand Ave.

In 1978, the vision expanded, leading to the purchase of property at Baseline. At the time, the $10,000 price tag seemed monumental. Today, we laugh at such a bargain. Back then, it was a step of faith.

The journey continued with the sacrifice of many and the courage to seize opportunities for further development. This resulted in construction of our Athletics and Fine Arts Building (1986), the Baseline Education Complex (1998) and the Rt. 66 Preschool (2004).

Today we have nearly 800 students on two campuses in Preschool-8th grades. It’s now our turn on this God-honoring journey, to take steps of faith that not only honor those who have gone before us, but bless those who will also follow.

Our Strategic Plan casts a vision of what is possible in the next few years as we work together to make FCS a great place for kids!

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