Season: March - May

The sports league only offers soccer in the co-ed format. See league rules for details.

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SGVCSL Scores and Standings

Accomplishments: FCS has two soccer teams. Each team has been extremely competitive in our sports league. 2008 Sportsmanship Trophy 2007 Sportsmanship Trophy

Time Commitment: About 1 1/2 hours a day three to four days per week for about ten weeks. For some away games, athletes may miss about 15 to 45 minutes of school. In these cases they may miss all of 8th period and even some of 7th period.

Location for Practices and Home Games: The soccer team practices and plays their games at Whitcomb High School athletic field.

What we need: We need new uniforms for the upcoming season. Currently, ours are old and very out-dated. Win or lose, our students should at least look good! Proceeds from the annual fund will helps toward this project...or...check out our Gifts to FCS section.

Tryouts: after basketball season, will post in Combined Sports Schedule (below online parent permission form must be submitted prior to tryout dates.)


Online parent permission form (Must be submitted online by due date in order to tryout)


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