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Facs about The Annual Fund

• Tuition covers 100 percent of the actual cost per student, but it does not cover any school improvement projects that are needed to enhance our program for the kids.
• The projects supported through the Annual Fund aren&srquo;t truly optional. They are necessary to maintain the quality we expect for our children, but rather than charge higher tuition we choose to accomplish these goals through tax deductible donations.
• Rather than orchestrate many small fundraisers, the Annual Fund allows families to make a once-a-year...or one-time tax deductible gift...or a monthly pledge to help make the Annual Fund projects possible.
• A number of our families will increase their giving potential through company match programs that will meet a percentage of the gift and match it entirely.
• The Annual Fund provides much needed funding for academics, athletics, campus improvements and promoting Christian values.

Please prayerfully consider a tax-deductible gift to Foothill Christian School&srquo;s Annual Fund. Your gift is an endorsement of our mission and will assist us in growing this school that seeks to glorify God.


Specific Needs:

  • The ability to offer enrichment courses at no additional cost
  • New video projector for the gymnasium
  • New video screen for the gymnasium
  • Audio enhancements for existing Smart Board

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