Studies have shown that music instruction is a benefit to academic and social development in students. Private instruction is a cornerstone of the FCS band and string instrument program. It builds individual confidence, develops fundamental music skills, and enhances student’s ability to perform with the band and orchestra more quickly.

The school is proud to announce the hiring of two new music instructors to enhance our instrumental program. Laura Franklin (Click here to meet Laura) will teach the brass, woodwind and percussion lessons. Aimee Knight (Click here to meet Aimee) will teach the violin, viola and cello. The new instructors are accomplished musicians and bring a new energy and vision to our music program.

Violin and Piano lessons begin as early as kindergarten, with most other instruments beginning in 3rd grade. The program includes individual or group lessons, and full band class weekly.

Consider enrolling your child in the band, piano or strings program. The program is exciting and fun...and the benefits can last a lifetime.

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