Decidedly Academic. Distinctively Christian.

The mission of Foothill Christian School is to provide families with a Christ-centered, Biblically-directed education which encourages the development of a personal relationship with God and which instills the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character and service to God and others.

Core Values

As a ministry of Foothill Church, the school’s core values align with the church’s vision of Loving God, Loving People and Loving Our World. They represent scriptural ideals that guide all areas of school life. Foothill Christian School is devoted to:

Loving God ...
  • pursuing God-honoring excellence and creativity in all aspects of the school
  • cultivating spiritual growth and discipleship
  • igniting a lifestyle of worship
Loving Each Other by...
  • viewing everyone as important – staff, parents and students
  • identifying and celebrating the unique giftedness and heritage of every child
  • valuing relationships and adhering to principles that promote respect and unity
  • providing a safe, positive learning environment
Loving Our World by...
  • nurturing the vision and habits of lifelong service to others
  • exercising responsible stewardship
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