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• Reading Rocks at FCS!

Students at FCS are taking up the challenge to read over 7,000 books this year. It's all part of a reading incentive program developed by the teachers and school principal, Mr. G. Click here to read more.

Foothill Christian School features a spacious, bright, inviting library with over 23,000 volumes available for student and staff use. Our collection includes a wide variety of titles, with both secular and Christian works, and is continually growing as new titles are released. We are committed to provide materials which support Christian standards and are morally acceptable and God-honoring.

The library is open before school, Tuesday through Friday mornings at 7:45 AM. It is also open for book check-out immediately after school on Tuesday through Friday until 3:30 PM. (2:30 PM on Wednesday) Please note that the library is not open on Monday mornings, or after school on Monday.

Our card catalog system if fully acomputerized. Students may go on-line from any computer, even from home, and access our card catalog to search for titles and check on their availability. To access the FCS Card Catalog, click on this link: FCS Library World

The FCS Library and Media Center serves early elementary through junior high students. Weekly library time is scheduled for grades kindergarten through 5th grade. K-1 students check out books every other week and enjoy story time on the non-checkout weeks. 2nd-5th graders check out books weekly and are allowed a per student maximum of two books out at a time. Although 6th - 8th grade students do not have regularly scheduled library times, special arrangements are made with the Language Arts teacher to bring her classes to the library each trimester to select book report books.

The Library Media Center (LMC) is becoming the hub of our educational program. Studies show that school libraries can contribute to improved student achievement by providing instructional materials aligned to the curriculum. When students are able to explore information that is meaningful to them, they not only learn faster but their literacy skills grow rapidly; they learn how to learn. With new resources added throughout the school year, the LMC is a dynamic resource center offering a broad range of materials; reference, fiction, and nonfiction. Our librarian partners with the teachers and is committed to providing opportunities for our students to achieve excellence in every area of their school experience.

FCS uses the Scholastic Reading Counts! reading program. Students in 1st - 8th grades take reading inventory tests which determine each individual’s reading lexile. From there, students select from a wide variety of books in their assigned reading levels, and after reading the books, take computerized quizzes in their classrooms. For ease in selecting books, all books in the reading program display color-coded labels which correspond to the different lexile reading levels. Students can easily see the selection of books in their assigned levels by looking for their “color” on the book spines. Students and parents may check to see if a particular title is in the Scholastic Reading Counts! program by going on-line to this link. Scholastic Reading
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